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How to capitalize on happiness?

With our world so busy, technology instance, a transit society, education costly, money more harder to  earned and to  save ,our communities less friendly, the identification of others questionable and false, some individual moral conscious is  exchanged for selfish gains, life meaningfulness as we knew it,is lost among what was value as right ,is now consider wrong.

Having to deal with such challenges as these, how can anyone truly be happy?

Before researching the definition of happiness. I believed happy was coming home after school,  playing marbles with my brothers and neighbors, walking to the store with only just five cent in my pocket and spending it all on the  five cookies, or making my own go- cart out of junk .Afterwards ,the neighbors pushing me down the road really fast. Maybe stopping by the graveyard picking black berries and sharing them with the  neighbors.  Or Lo behold ,someone from the neighborhood making pie for everyone to eat with the barriers.

Even there was time  we disagreed and  the issues we settled by fighting fairly and honestly and  without guns and knives.  The next day, it was as if nothing ever happened between us. Happiness during those moments were living free, respectful, honest, exploring, openness and being morally sound toward each other.Unlike today. However, from my childhood to now I have lived by the manifold of this story.

It matter not what your conditions are in, the blocks placed  in your  pathway,or the uncomfortable issues sitting before you. Happy is a choice.

That choice should be guided by understanding, value, engagement, createtive , embracing, simplicity ,sharing morality and refusing never to be afraid to seize every opportunity with whatever we have,  with whom ever we know and with everything we have ,then is happy capitalized.


the state of being happy.

“They struggled to find happiness in  their lives ”

synonyms: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction,cheerfulness, merriment, gaiety, joy,joyfulness, joviality, jollity, glee, delight,good spirits, lightheartedness, well-being,enjoyment;

We can obtain it, in daily efforts to search and resolved by accepting, and using wisdom to do your best with that within your power.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

Abraham Lincoln

Our past is our story but not our life.

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Tears Our Friend

The Mountain Near! 

​Each day is the  moment to move the ball, change life direction and to have what is deserve, a  fulfilling life.

Take charge. It will become reality. 
” The  mountain top is near , keep climbing”.

 BY Dana A. Forrest

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know our tears, the mirror to the soul.

I didn’t know our pain ,the path to the future.

I didn’t know our blindness ,the door to reality.

I didn’t know our setback , the fuse to opportunity.

I didn’t know our house on fire , the hope to another chance.

I didn’t know our few friends, the room of self reflection.

I didn’t know our limited help by others, the answers to independent.

I didn’t know our love ,the moment to explore mysterious to the joyous of life beyond precipitation.

I didn’t know, I didn’t know,  until I took responsibility to ask wisdom.

Selfishness At the Table!

Taking A Look At Life Inventory For 2017- c*Red flags!

Taking A Look At Life Inventory

C*Red flags

Here we are in 2017!

what happened in 2016 is now history. Let’s us not look back but moving forward and upward. It is totally left up to you.

Please allow me to give you one bit of advice for 2017.

If you want to be sure that your year in 2017 is more successful and that you are better off then 2016, just take a look at your life inventory:


1. The benefit items

2. The damage items

3. The unsold items


The benefits items are things you did that  moved you forward in 2016. So, keep doing it in 2017.


The damage items are things you did in 2016  affected your life in a negative way. You must stay clear of these items in 2017, and,


The non selling items are things that haven’t gotten you any place in 2016 .So, put a stop to using those items in 2017.


Remember the  three categories  of focus are:

1. Benefit items -Goes on front shelves, prioritize them and do it always and first.


2. *Damage items-send back to company -rejection shelves. Say no, and move on from the situation.


3. *Non selling items -clearance shelves, reduce your actions till items are gone for good.


when you change and  look at your life inventory from 2016, I know without a doubt you will become prosperous in 2017. As hard as this may seem, it is possible.


Let’s win in 2017. 

Doing It  The Must12 way 2017 


The 12 Must Rules 2017-living,360 life turn around,solutions and decision…

Using The MUST 12 rules concept daily and with every decision.Changing your life once and for all. By changing the way the think , without fear. In every area, in every way, it is easy. 

“Today ruling my life by my decision”

1. Be yourself at all cost, while being morally and having integrity.
2. If your plans aren’t working, be brave enough to do something about it.
3. Have the willingness to keep learning.
4. Don’t take no for the answer, be persistent.
5. Let your dreams be your drive and purpose.
6 . Allow God as a changing agent for your life, and not as a social activity to accommodate for loneliness.
7. Stand up for your given rights.
8. Do not allow others to define who you are, preventing you from your goals or changing your dreams.
9. Accept your short comings and be courageous to reverse them.
10. Understand others as much as understanding yourself while embracing your individual uniqueness
11. If you are not sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to say no.
12. And lastly, Have the wisdom to be healthy on three levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Go to Facebook search bar and type in Must12 – the voice to view page , join group , it is easy! 

2016 what To Forget

2016 Election-Unity And Progress. Not A Black or White American! 

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